Vlissingen, City by the Sea

Standbeeld van Michiel de Ruyter

Without any doubt Vlissingen is one of the most exuberant cities in Zeeland. During any season you can take a wonderful walk on the two kilometres long promenade. Occasionally you might meet some historic remains of the Dutch seafarer era (hidden) between the new buildings.

Boulevard-Evertsen / Nollehoofd, strand Vlissingen


Vlissingen is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the province of Zeeland. The beaches are provided with all kinds of facilities. Places to eat and drink, showers and toilets are all plentifully present. Coming from the promenade you can easily reach the beach with a wheelchair or a baby buggy. During the summer season staying on the beaches along the promenade is very pleasant and a lot of events are taking place. Caused by the presence of modern parking facilities in the direct vicinity, the beaches are perfectly reachable by car.

Jachthaven Vlissingen

The bathing beach is situated alongside the promenade, so there are no dunes. Only the Nolle Beach is directly connected with dunes. With the exception of the bathing beach, the other beaches alongside the promenade are flooded twice a day. Starting from the Nolle Beach, it’s possible to walk to Dishoek and Zoutelande over and along the dunes and the beach. A nice incidental circumstance lies in the fact, that the beaches are situated on the south and furthermore that Zeeland as a consequence of this has the most sun-hours in the Netherlands!

Lange Zelke / Spuistraat Vlissingen

The City

Vlissingen is a seaside resort similar to the ones you’ll find at the Flemish coast: a beach with a broad promenade, a remarkable quantity of high-rise buildings and houses being built quite close to the beach and the sea. Nevertheless it’s a cosy spot, at which the neighbourhood of the Nieuwedijk and the Zeilmarkt is embracing the inner harbour ‘with loving care’. The centrally situated Bellamypark recently has been totally reconstructed, as a result of which a lot more space for outdoor terraces and strollers has been created. On the Groene Boulevard you’re not only having a magnificent view at the ships sailing on the Westerschelde, you can also use it for making a nice bicycle ride with your hair blowing in the wind, while not being disturbed by car traffic.

Scheldeplein Vlissingen

Vlissingen exhales a maritime atmosphere. From the promenade it appears like you might be able to touch the passing vessels. You ’re that close to the harbour. In the centre of the city lies the Vierwinden plein (Vierwinden square), an attractive place where you can enjoy one of the many cosy terraces. Occasionally you might encounter some ancient house fronts (facades), but most of them have been destroyed during the Second World War. Remarkable are the relics (remnants) of the Gevangentoren (Prison Tower) and the Keizersbolwerk (Emperors Stronghold) with a bombproof corridor, through which you still, can walk. Do you prefer to do some nice shopping? Due to the presence of many shops and even a mall, you’re not easily going to become bored in (the centre of) Vlissingen.

Walstraat / Lange Zelke, Vlissingen

In Vlissingen you’ll find a varied shop offer both in the centre and in the various shopping centres in the residential areas. Near to the shopping area in the centre lies the attractive Oude Markt (Old Marketplace), surrounded by several hotels, restaurants, cafés and pubs. Apart from the shopping activities, a city sightseeing walk through Vlissingen is very popular with the holidaymakers, for it’s a unique way to get to know the stories (history) of the city.


In the cultural field Vlissingen is occupying a unique position; possessing over 300 monuments, the city is mentioned on the list of 30 Dutch municipalities owing the richest cultural inheritance of the country. Vlissingen is being characterized as a modern city with an ancient core. You’ll find various events and attractions for young and old.

Amusing for children is the reptile zoo Iguana, where you can literally ‘go down the drain’. There are living amphibians, reptiles and insects from all over the world to be seen. You should also pay a visit to the Michiel de Ruyter-harbour. This is a restored harbour sludge (basin), where many yachts are mooring (tying up).

In Vlissingen the past as well as the present are walking cheerfully along with you. The marina is as homey as your favourite pub. It’s an ideal area to go for a walk or to bike and it’s interesting to notice (know) that they are building there the most beautiful, most expensive super yachts. You can personally take a close look at the last mentioned activity during a visit to the extraordinary fascinating muZEEum.

Top 3 tips voor Vlissingen

De 3 mooiste en leukste bezienswaardigheden in Vlissingen.

1Maritiem MuZEEum Zeeland

Maritiem MuZEEum Zeeland

At muZEEum you discover and experience Zeeland’s maritime past and present in four themes: Water, Work, Glory and Adventure. Water has shaped the province of Zeeland. Water also brought ...

    Nieuwendijk 15, Vlissingen
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    2Fort Rammekens

    Fort Rammekens

    Fort Rammekens is het oudste zeefort van West-Europa en had als oorspronkeljke naam Zeeburg. Het dateert uit 1547 en speelde ooit een belangrijke rol in de rijke, maritieme ...

      Rammekensweg, Ritthem
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      The Zeemanserve is a monumental courtyard situated in the inner city of Vlissingen, between the Spuistraat and the Walstraat. It was ...

        Korte Zelke, VlissingenMore information
        Bellamypark, Vlissingen


        In the immediate vicinity of Vlissingen you can make wonderful hikes and cycling trips. Especially the area along the dunes is worth the effort. The region inside (and between) the dunes and the beaches is a wonderful scenic area including picturesque villages, farms, meadows, fields and little narrow polder roads. This region is also known as ‘the garden of Walcheren’. There are various cycling routes through the surrounding area. A footpath goes from Vlissingen to Zoutelande almost without interruption. Enough possibilities to discover the vicinity in a sporty way!

        In almost no time you can travel from Vlissingen to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen by taking the ferry. Or you can reach the Flemish monumental cities Brugge and Ghent through the Westerscheldetunnel by car in about an hour driving.

        Oude markt, Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen