Going out is different for everybody. One person thinks of an evening at the theatre, the other wishes to dine out and a third visits his favourite pubs.

To start with the last, there are quite a number of pubs in Flushing. Not in the least because Flushing is a student town. To name them all would be too much. Furthermore it is much more pleasurable to discover them yourself. The biggest concentration of pubs and bars can be found in the area of Bellamypark and Nieuwendijk.

In that same area there are many restaurants, as there are at the seafront. Naturally you can eat fresh fish almost anywhere in Flushing. Really fresh, as the fish auction is located in Vlissingen also. The restaurants of Flushing offer of a wide range of cuisines. From truly Dutch to French, Greek, Argentinean, Italian, Chinese and Indonesian’.. you name it.

Theater and concerts

Vlissingen has a number of theatres and concert platforms. Youth Centre 'De Piek' (Hellebardierstraat 13) has a monthly music program with local, national and international bands and DJ’s. Classical concerts regularly take place in the medieval Saint Jacob’s Church (Oude Markt 2).

A bit more small-scale are the intimate Vestzaktheater (Oranjestraat 2) with a capacity of 99 seats and the music platform 'Razzmatazz' (Middelburgsestraat 11 in Oost-Souburg) where, on a stage of a few square metres, folkmusic and roots-and-worldmusic concerts take place.

The bigger drama, cabaret, music and dance performances take place in the Arsenaaltheater (Arsenaalplein 7), which also has a cosy pub. For tickets and up-to-date information about current programming you can have a look at the Uit in Vlissingen website (Dutch language only) where you can also make reservations online.


All year round Flushing has a great variety of events, which are published on a monthly basis in the Uitagenda (events diary, dutch language only).

Some of the annual events can already be announced for the coming years:
   - De Ruyter Annual Market with street vendor competition (Friday after Ascension Day)
   - King's Birthday Festivities (27 April)
   - Liberation Festival (5 May)
   - Street Festival with Street Theatre Day (first week of July)
   - Fair (third week of July)
   - Midsummer night Market at the seafront (first Friday in August)
   - Catering Festival/Mussel Festival (beginning of August)
   - Small Sail Maritime Festival (second half of August)
   - Festival Film by the Sea (first half of September)
   - Beach Motor cross (end of September/beginning of October depending on tides)

To be sure of the correct dates check the event calendar.