Marina Vlissingen

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The Michiel de Ruyter Marina in Vlissingen, a modern marina nestled within a historic setting that evokes a special feeling among visitors. This optimally sheltered haven provides accommodation for hundreds of passersby during the summer season and uniquely combines comfort, safety, and nostalgia.

What can you expect at the Vlissingen Marina?

An Unforgettable Experience at the Vlissingen Marina

The Michiel de Ruyter Marina in Vlissingen is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts and visitors who want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a historic city combined with modern conveniences.

Furthermore Marina Vlissingen is near the following sights: Maritime MuZEEum Zeeland (±70 m), Casemates (±125 m), Gaming Factory (±150 m), Reptile Zoo Iguana (±250 m) & Sun Train Zeeland (±300 m).

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Michiel De Ruyterhaven
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