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A relaxed golfing experience at golf course De Zeeuwsche in Middelburg, a destination every golf enthusiast must visit at least once. With its innovative facilities and welcoming atmosphere, De Zeeuwsche offers a complete package for both novice and experienced golfers.

What makes golf course De Zeeuwsche special?

A Golfing Experience for Everyone

Golf course De Zeeuwsche in Middelburg offers an inclusive and inviting atmosphere for all visitors, regardless of their level of experience. Visit golf course De Zeeuwsche and be challenged and pampered in the beautiful surroundings of Zeeland!

Furthermore De Zeeuwsche is near the following sights: Prison Island Middelburg (±250 m), Bounce Vally (±300 m), GlowGolf Middelburg (±400 m), Mini Mundi (±400 m) & Indoor Playground Monkey Town Middelburg (±400 m).

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Paukenweg 1, Middelburg
tel. +31 118 606 767 
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