Vlissingen Zingt 2024


Every year, the liveliest sing-along festival in the Netherlands kicks off at Bellamypark. The repertoire of this free-entry event features English and Dutch evergreen classics, as well as showcasing the French and German culture. From super hits of the '80s to the chart-toppers of today, there's a favorite song for everyone!

The lyrics of the songs are displayed on large LED screens, allowing the audience to sing along. The host, the entertainers on stage, and the stars in the square create a unique atmosphere and sense of togetherness that emerges during the collective singing. Because what could be more enjoyable than belting out the greatest hits of the past and present alongside friends, family, and fellow music enthusiasts? Music connects people, and there's nothing more liberating than raising your voice and fully immersing yourself in the music. Whether you prefer singing alone in the shower or you're accustomed to performing in front of an audience, it doesn't matter here. Everyone is welcome, whether you're a tone-deaf singer or a pitch-perfect soprano!

Vlissingen Zingt starts at 7:30 PM with a band. After their performance, the entertainers take the stage, and it's time to get all of Vlissingen, young and old, singing along.
Vlissingen Zingt, the only event where the audience becomes the star of the evening!



What time / Opening hours

From 19:30 hours.