Open Monuments Day in Vlissingen 2024


Every year, on a weekend in September, many monuments in the Netherlands open their doors to the public. The participating monuments in Vlissingen can be recognised by the Open Monuments Day flag, with the logo as depicted here.
It offers the rare opportunity to visit historical buildings, churches, windmills, residences, and many other monuments for free.

Why should you visit Open Monuments Day?

  1. Unique access: Many of the monuments open during this weekend are typically closed to the public. This is your chance to step in and discover the hidden gems of [placename-url].

  2. Expert guides: Volunteer guides with in-depth knowledge are often on hand to provide visitors with captivating stories and historical facts about the sites.

  3. A day for everyone: Whether you're a history enthusiast, admire architecture, or just want a fun day out with the family, there's something for everyone at Open Monuments Day.

Tips for visitors




Various locations in Vlissingen