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Panorama Walcheren - 1 Panorama Walcheren (June 2022) - #2

Panorama Walcheren is a collection of large paintings.
Every painting is larger than life size and many meters long, set up in a half circle or three quarter circle like a panorama. One gets the feeling that one is actually in the painting.

Every panorama shows a place of interest on Walcheren; often a seascape.
At this very moment 6 panoramas are ready and available for viewing; the next panorama is on it’s way.

What is very special is that one can actually see how the panoramas are painted; at the tour one walks through the atelier and through the ‘factory’.

Suivant Panorama Walcheren près des Lieux d'intérêt: Cine City (±450 m), Zeemanserve (±650 m), Train Solaire Zeeland (±750 m), Stadswandelingen Vlissingen met gids (±750 m) & Zoo des reptiles Iguana (±850 m).

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