Beach volleyball tournament 2023

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With a cozy boulevard on one side and the beautiful Westerschelde on the other, Flushing's Beach is a top location to play at. Just like the many other sites that we do, this beach carries the Blue Flag! Along with the most hours of sunshine a day, and all the amenities that this beach has to offer, this is the perfect beach location!

That is what the Beach Volleyball Circuit Beach Life! stands for. Play along or just lounge and relax with a drink in the sun. It's all possible. Beach Life is for everyone. From the inexperienced beach goer to the most experienced player. But it's also just to relax and go to the beach to watch and enjoy. Beach Life is a true family and friends event, where the ingredients are: fun, health, sun, sea, beach, and just to enjoy being together are mixed to a lovely beach cocktail. Beach Life - Our Beach!

The Beach Volleyball Circuit Beach Life is a series of beach volleyball tournaments played along the coast and inland in which everyone can participate.

Location: Boulevard Evertsen, Vlissingen



marker Boulevard Evertsen, Vlissingen

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