Christmas Market 2022


In December, the days grow shorter and there are Christmas lights and candles everywhere. Time for good food, gifts but above all … each other! A good reminisce about the year during a long beach walk. Will you celebrate Christmas together at your cosy holiday home, apartment or hotel in Vlissingen? Perfect for a break at or around Christmas!

Top 3 Christmas markets near Vlissingen

Take your wish list with you and swap Vlissingen for a day out at one of these magical Christmas markets in the area. In addition to an infinite range of special gifts, you can also enjoy all kinds of festive delicacies. Enjoy, shop and sniff around.

1) Dickens Christmas Market Veere

Your Christmas adventure starts in Veere, where its historic center add an extra touch of magic. The traditional Veere Christmas Market puts a smile on the face of visitors of all ages. Treat yourself with festive sweets, buy handmade gifts and enjoy carols sung by a choir in between.

When: (Date 2022 not yet known)
Visiting hours: 11:00-17:00 hrs
Free entrance
Where: Markt, Veere

2) Christmas Market Goes

In Goes you will find the largest Christmas Market in Zeeland! This atmospheric market has dozens of stalls. Music, a snack and a drink are also available. During the festive edition, you will find plenty of special gifts for the holidays.

When: Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2022.
Where: Grote- of Maria Magdalena Kerk, Goes

3) Christmas Market Zierikzee

Every year an atmospheric Christmas Market is held on Havenplein in Zierikzee. On the romantic monumental square there will be various stalls with cozy things, pea soup, mulled wine, hot chocolate and pleasant Christmas music.

When: (Date 2022 not yet known)
Visiting hours: 11:00-17:00 hrs
Where: Havenplein, Zierikzee

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